After living away from a busy city for the first time in my life this past winter I wholeheartedly agree with this statement. You cant put a price on solitude. Maybe I’m a loner at heart but it feels really good to me to just get away from it all. Far, far away. Dancing for the apocalypse. Ive been digging this band, Tame Impala, lately and their spacey rocky styles.

Tame Impala – Solitude is Bliss from bang on on Vimeo.

How aware are you?

Think about all the little things that add up.

“Modern industrial civilization has developed within a certain system of convenient myths. The driving force of modern industrial civilization has been individual material gain, which is accepted as legitimate, even praiseworthy, on the grounds that private vices yield public benefits. Now, it has long been understood that a society that is based on this principle will destroy itself in time. It can only persist, with whatever suffering and injustice that it entails, as long as it is possible to pretend that the destructive forces that humans create are limited, that the world is an infinite resource, and that the world is an infinite garbage can.” – Noam Chomsky

Summer Cum

This fourth of July officially marks the end of my winter. Yea, you read it right. Ive spent the last nine months living in a mountain town playing in the snow. And yes, there is still plenty of snow to play in. All things come to and end though, and I will use this holiday to mark the beginning of my summer. Im excited to start playing in the ocean, wearing flip-flops, and hiding behind my sunglasses while staring at members of the opposite sex in their itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-little-polka-dot-bikinis. Happy 4th o’ July!

Bonus video: tanlines – z (featuring glasser)
Good summer travel music.